LEGAL COMPLIANCE (Primary Contact Signature Required)

MBF is a ‘PG-13’ affair. Pasties & G-strings are REQUIRED of all participants, at all times. ANY incorporation of nudity, dildos, vulgarity or explicit sexual imagery of any kind (real or simulated) will result in immediate disqualification. All applicants/participants must be 18 years of age or older. Application must be complete with music and Videos to be considered. In applying to participate in this event, you grant the MBF and its assignees irrevocable permission to use your name, likeness and performance for unlimited promotional use. By filling up this application form it will constitute your agreement to the Legal Compliance and indicates that I have read and agree to the Legal Compliance. As the Primary Contact, it is my responsibility to make sure all members of the act being submitted understand and are in full agreement with the Legal Compliance. this document is drafted in English as 95% of the participants are Anglophones, Ce document est rédigé en anglais car 95% des participants son Anglophones.


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